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• 1/26/2016

Spoilers + Character status

Regarding spoilers, how are they going to be indicated on the forums? As a warning on every page, *spoiler starts here* type warning, "this page contains spoilers," etc.? It'd be important for pages like Shotaro where even their sprite is a spoiler. I may be able to make a ROM themed warning banner.

Additionally I'd like to suggest a "Status" box in the character template boxes to write deceased or alive as opposed to including it in the bio?

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• 1/27/2016

We currently have Template:Spoiler, which seems to work fairly well everywhere except A. in infobox fields and B. text with multiple paragraphs (working on it >_<) (fixed)

{{Spoiler|Hayden kills Dumbledore}} becomes

The following contains spoilers.
Hayden kills Dumbledore
End of spoilers.

{{Spoiler|For = the end of your life|stab stab

Et tu, Brute?}} becomes

The following contains spoilers for the end of your life.

stab stab

Et tu, Brute?
End of spoilers for the end of your life.

+1 to including their deadness in the box

Would it be a good idea to use Born & Died instead of Age & Status?

• 1/27/2016

Regarding Shotaro's image: seeing as we don't have walkthroughs on here, we could write everything under the assumption that the reader's finished at least one ending of ROM and include spoiler warnings for things which don't happen in all endings.

If you don't want to go that way, the best thing we could do that works on both the mobile and desktop versions of Wikia might be to just move it down a little an put a spoiler warning above it... =/

What do you think?

• 1/28/2016

I think that assuming readers have finished the game once is good. To be honest, I can't imagine anyone would go combing through a wiki for a game they haven't finished and not expect to be spoiled.

As for born/died vs age/status....  I'm impartial but I've seen wikis who use age/status/birth date or birth years, so we could use all of them. However, birth year may be irrelevant for the most part as we don't have dates and/or years for a lot of characters.

• 1/28/2016

True. We could just assume no characters have their birthday between Christmas and New Year's, but somehow purposefully ignoring a minority doesn't really seem like ROM's thing. So we'd have to give two years for every character, e.g. Born: 2041-2042.

My main reason for maybe using years instead of age + status is:

  • How far are we going to get into 2065 in future updates? Or 2066? Will we have to update their age every time a new major story is added to the universe?
  • With VA-11 HALL-A being cannon and set about 10 years after ROM, how will we handle that? Will we update the age of just the subset of ROM characters that also appear in VA-11, or will we have to add 10 to every character's age and change the status of every ROM character not in VA-11 to "Unknown"?
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