As the ad says, "Why mess with the rest when Hassy is always the best?" Gotta have your Hassy!” – Gus

Hassy is an energy type drink that came out of Japan in 2036 and skyrocketed in popularity over the last 28 years to become the dominant soda and flavoured beverage throughout most 1st world countries.

Originally produced by Ichimura Beverage, the company renamed itself Hassy Holdings in 2048.

Early fans used to be called "Hassheads"; nowadays, most of society is a fan.

Many Parallax ROMs seem to suggest Hassy to their owner’s taste palate - it’s not clearly spelled out, but it's pretty obvious that there is some sort of cross promotion business thing going on here. Turing seems to like Hassy but is not sure why.

The company may have some involvement with Parallax or System One as all ROMs running LIPS OS have an innate desire to vouch for and promote Hassy.

The company also has a habit of extremely short-lived promotional sales, with 3% off coupons and free credits expiring anywhere between 20 seconds and 30 minutes.

Hassy is heavily pushing their own band, the Hassy Boyz, though it has mainly found success with younger fans.


A list of all Hassy flavours can be found on List of Hassy flavours


  • The Stardust serves two drinks made with Hassy. The Buzzer is made with Hassy and Irish cream. Hassy Spike is made with Hassy Hot and Korean soju.
  • Renaming Alys "Hassy" will cause the Hassy jingle to play most times that their name is said throughout the game.
  • @HassyHoldings is the official Twitter account for all things Hassy.
  • Hassy is a direct reference to the games Blue Stinger and Illbleed (developed by Climax Graphics and Crazy Games, respectively; the same company under different names) for the Sega Dreamcast. Both games feature the drink as in-game consumables, and both games feature numerous billboards advertising the drink.
  • There is an OK Today article available on Lappy in the Endless Christmas DLC that lists the Top 10 Hassy of 2064, which are:
    • #1: Neo Hassy
    • #2: Hassle-Free Hassy
    • #3: Hassy Crassy
    • #4: Crystal Hassy
    • #5: Flavored Hassy: A line of flavored Hassy including: Grape Hassy, Hassy Berry (a play-on-words of actress Halle Berry), Hassy Fire (sriracha-flavored), Hoisin Hassy (stir-fry flavored), Mango Hassy, and Vanilla Hassy
    • #6: Grassy Hassy Shot
    • #7: Winterfresh Hassy
    • #8: Half and Hassy
    • #9: Classy Hassy
    • #10: Hassy Zero
    • Honorable Mention: Hassy Hot Cups


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