Hayden Webber was a former Senior Lead Engineer in the Machine Intelligence Research and Development department at Parallax and the creator of both Grace and Turing.



Hayden was hard-working, determined, and a very talented programmer.


As seen pictured in photographs found in the apartment, Hayden was African American and bald. He wore circular glasses with black rims and dressed casually. According to Turing, Hayden was not a physically intimidating individual.



A data disk containing Hayden's research into machine sapience


Hayden's research, encrypted

Last Known Words

Go now, Turing! They can't find you here, or it'll ruin everything we've worked for!
No, I don't know what they want, but I'll come find you when it's safe. I promise.
Don't go to the police and be careful who you talk to, and remember what I taught you.
Take care of yourself... I'll see you soon buddy, okay?
Now go!
Out the window! Out the window! Out the window! Out the window!

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