"The Live Intelligence Processing System is the primary operating system old Parallax computers used to run on, but the company has since expanded it to make it especially useful for their ROMs. It's real heavy on learning' algorithms so it can tailor itself to each user's habits, and it functions through using a distributed mesh network for nonessential public files" - TOMCAT

The Live Intelligence Processing System, or LIPS for short, is a proprietary operating system built to generate and use the MeshNet. All computers running LIPS connect to all others within range, and unless a file is specifically marked private, it is shared amongst all others, and copied as needed as interest and range from the original source increase. While the MeshNet can be accessed directly, most users take advantage of automatically generated, or curated feeds, which organize information together and help content creators to provide a one-stop location for all of their work.

All LIPS devices also take advantage of powerful heuristic learning capabilities, which have been honed over decades of user interactions. In the early days of LIPS use, a single device might have to come up with an accurate profile for its user over days or weeks of interactions, file accesses, and activity monitoring, but as the number of users have grown, most devices are able to categorize their user rapidly, and quickly provide them with the type of information it thinks they want to see.

While standalone operating systems still exist, the pervasiveness of the MeshNet in metropolitan areas means that Parallax has a relative monopoly. However, since the MeshNet itself is distributed, they lack any sort of control outside of the preferences of the ROM personalities they create.

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