Melody Flores was the retired CEO of Flower Cybernetics. No longer associated with the day to day activities, she spends time alone in her mansion with her cybernetic polar bear butler, Pat. A successful and rich trans woman who keeps animals as friends and has a lot of secrets and power.


"I know who you are. Yannick isn't the only one with little birds to chirp in his ears, curse him to the pit."
"Oh hell, that old bastard and I have been flashing daggers at each other for the better part of twenty years. I contracted out the software development for our first-gen direct link VR neural implants to System One. Things were going great, but after the first models sold like gangbusters, Yannick tried to get into bed with me. Literally. Still... I suppose if he tried again now, I might not turn him down. It would be fun to needle him about me still having my own company when he doesn't have his. Hahaha!"

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