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This page is about Julian Thomas, the hacker starring in Read Only Memories. For their sister, Catherine Thomas, see TOMCAT (original).

TOMCAT, born Julian Thomas, was a convicted hacker believed responsible for breaching Parallax' servers in 2054.


TOMCAT's fifteen minutes of fame came when they engineered a massive data breech at Parallax almost a decade ago. They did their time, and since then have been on the straight and narrow doing consultant work for the very company they hacked, as well as others like it. Well... mostly on the straight and narrow.

TOMCAT was one of the engineers called in to help Hayden build Turing's emotional and personality matrices into the standard ROM operating system, and now lends their hacking expertise to the Alys and their robot sidekick in their time of need. Friendly and possessing a flair for the dramatic, they are never-the-less secretive about themselves and tightfisted with personal information.


Quirky, cute, mischievious, intelligent, driven, conflicted


TOMCAT had an androgynous face and two-toned, rose pink and blonde hair and wore a droopy sleeveless purple hoodie with drop-crotch pants. They wore pendant-like earrings with two inverted crosses in both ears and a ring in their lower lip.


Catherine Thomas

Catherine was something of an idol for the young Julian. They speak quite highly of her; Catherine trained them in becoming a hacker, and provided a place for them to stay away from their parents. They sacrificed themself for her and took the blame for her breach of Parallax' network, knowing that as a minor their punishment would be much less severe than hers.

When Catherine was killed in a rare autocab accident, Julian adopted their hacker alias, TOMCAT, and, suspecting Parallax of foul play, spent years trying to find both a way to get back at them and the truth.


When TOMCAT first met Alys, they saw an opportunity to get back at Parallax.


TOMCAT created the interface between Turing's personality and the LIPS OS. The two seem to have taken a liking to each other and remain friendly in every ending of Read Only Memories.

Jess Meas

Jess trusts few genotypical folks and TOMCAT is one of them. She owes them a favour or two.

Hayden Webber

TOMCAT helped Hayden with some auxiliary work on Turing but doesn't know him very well. They aren't aware of his motives and don't consider him to be very straightforward.


  • According to JJSignal, TOMCAT was named after the 80's JRock singer, TOM☆CAT.[1]


"The one and only. Although, I'd prefer it if ya'd keep it a little quieter than ya have been. I do my share of moseyin' on both sides of tha law, if ya know what I mean."

"Oh, God. Oh, Turing. I'm so sorry. He's gone, Turing. Shit. I mean he's gone gone, Turing."

"Rise and shine, ya sleepy layabouts. We've got a whole crop of things to do, and notta lotta time to get 'em done."